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Founder and president Hillary Peterson started True Botanicals because she took a closer look at her personal care products and saw one thing they all had in common – their ingredients contained toxins. After this wakeup call she threw herself into an eight year study of botanicals and their healing powers plus consulted green chemists and sustainability experts. Her ultimate goal being to formulate transformative skincare products that wouldn’t compromise people’s health or the environment.

We know we aren’t supposed to sleep with our makeup on, we know we should wear sunscreen, and we begrudgingly know that we should drink WAY more water than we do. There are so many skincare rules and guidelines, and it’s honestly not easy to keep up with. As the busy, multi-faceted women we are, we’re constantly searching for ways not only to simplify our routines, but also to enhance them.

True Botanicals uses ingredients that actually mimic what is naturally going on in the skin to transform the aging process. And it’s not just hot air, they conduct independent clinical studies to gather empirical evidence that illustrates the effectiveness of their products.

My favorite product was the Hydrating Cleanser. It had an amazing floral smell that reminded me of stepping into a blooming garden in Spring — much better than that slightly antiseptic smell some cleansers have, or even worse, that WAY TOO STRONG floral smell like you dropped an entire bottle of perfume on your face. The cleanser is silky and light and leaves your skin very hydrated and clean but without any tightness or overly dry feeling — the worst, especially as we head into winter here in Boston (it gives the word “frigid” a whole new meaning). I didn’t even feel like I needed a ton of added moisture afterward and could have easily skipped my normal spritz and moisturize step.

With it’s androgynous scent, this line is great for men or women. Oh and I have to add, everything is packaged in glass so no nasty plasticizers leaching into your high-end product here.

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