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Tips for Choosing Rings Based On Wearer’s Style

With so many options of rings to choose from, finding the right ring can prove overwhelming. Furthermore, there are many choices pertaining to exactly where to buy your rings, with jewelers offering their wares both online and offline. Some of the stores offer almost any style of ring imaginable, including custom yellow diamond rings. However, many people do not have a specific style when choosing rings. For such shoppers, the challenge they face is narrowing down the possibilities. The easiest way of finding the perfect fit is simply taking into consideration their partner’s personality traits and lifestyle. The tips for choosing rings based on style settings include:

Traditional & elegant

Classic solitaires are timeless. They showcase the diamond at the center without any distractions. They feature a single diamond at the center, which makes them the most popular style of engagement rings. The more traditional solitaires have a plain metal band. In order to make sure some form of refinement or to make sure the diamond at the center is set particularly low, a trellis setting that features interwoven prongs is common. Others feature a basket setting that allows the diamond to be suspended on prongs, giving a basket shape. The less traditional solitaires feature some diamond accents along the band.

Outdoor & nature lover

If your partner loves the outdoors or nature it is advisable to get them a ring that allows them to feel the love of receiving something valuable from someone special while at the same time being granted the ideal opportunity to have nature with them. Therefore, ring settings that feature organic elements such as flowers, vines and leaves are highly recommended. An active woman can best be served by a ring setting that holds the diamond low enough- close to the finger. A bezel setting is such one way that helps to keep the diamond protected.

Outgoing & glamorous

If you want your partner to dazzle with glamour, you can always pick a ring that is more outgoing and glamorous. It can feature a larger piece of diamond at the center and sparkling diamonds along the band. The halo settings helps to add a circle of tiny diamonds around and about the center diamond for the perfect sparkle and making the center jewel appear larger.

A true romantic

If your partner loves all things vintage and romantic, you may consider a ring setting with details, scrollwork or filigree patterns, dainty bands or intricate galleries.

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