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SA Fishing face shield

What are SA Fishing Face Shields?

SA is a company that offers a fine variety of outdoor clothing, performance fishing apparel, face shield, and outerwear gear for men. SA fishing face shields are fabrics that can be worn on the face, and chin as protective gear and well, to look like a badass!.

Stealthtech™ Camo | Hydro Skull

Stealthtech hydro skull is made of soft polyester microfiber. The fabric is breathable which means you can comfortably breathe and not feel stifled when wearing the face shield. It is 100% seamless which is a new and trendy fashion. It measures 10.5 x 20.5 inches. This is large enough for all sizes of adult heads. The fabric has a 2-way lateral stretch capability.

The SA fishing face shields are definitely for the badass and free-spirited outdoor enthusiasts. And since you fall into this category, go ahead and choose your poison from our list of the sickest and newest SA fishing face shields on the market.

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