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baby swaddles and sleeping sacks

One type of baby accessory that is increasingly becoming popular is the infant sleeping bag, also known as sleep sacks. These are like blankets that are swaddled around the baby when sleeping. However, it also acts like another piece of baby clothing on top of the baby’s actual clothes. These sacks help babies sleep soundly and comfortably. It is used with a zipper mechanism, and once zipped, the baby snugly fits inside the sack. And since the sack has a wide bottom, the baby is still given enough space to move and kick the legs.

Aside from the zipper, some models come with Velcro instead. This is to ensure that the sack is tightly secured around the baby. What’s more, there is no need for extra blankets since this is more than enough to keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Depending on the weather, you can choose baby swaddles for the warm or the cold months. There are sleeping bags with full sleeves, with arms, and the most common model which has armholes. Among these three, the best choice is the latter because the additional holes allow for better air circulation inside the bag. Although full-sleeved sleep sacks are good options for keeping babies warm, there are no holes anywhere else other than the entrance hole. Thus, there is danger of overheating while the baby is using the sack.

Since the infant sleep sack is available in different sizes, ensure the sack is not big enough for the baby to sink inside, but is large enough to allow leg movement within the bag. Ideally, these baby sleeping bags are used at night to ensure babies are comfortable and warm while sleeping.

When choosing the type of material for the sleep sack, it is advisable to get sacks made of cotton as this allows the skin to breathe and for better air circulation. However, for low-temperature areas or cold countries, fleece-made sleep sacks are the suitable option.

Therefore, when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag, consider what will make the baby comfortable and safe.

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