What Psychological Factors Make a Guy Feel Love for a Woman? Here Are the Things Which Matter

Society has this belief that men need to have their physical needs satiated all the time. But these guys are people with emotions, too, and so there’s a part of them that craves to be loved and cared for. Here are some of the psychological factors that would make a man fall head over heels in love with a woman:

His manly ego.

In the Bible, it is said that neither is the man without the woman nor the woman without the man. And so both sexes naturally need each other in order to have a sense of fulfillment. His ego is also boosted if he goes around showing one of the best women there is. He feels that he’s the envy of other men as he won a woman that is revered by many.

His need to be in charge.

Since the dawn of time, man has always been in charge of taking care of the pack. And this still remains true. A guy will always have the instinct to protect you as his woman. And the moment this woman makes him feel that he’s needed, then his very nature tells him to fall in love with this specific woman.

Finding the perfect soul mate.

Even if there’s no such thing as a soul mate, still, a man would go out there and find the woman that would make him feel like a man. Also, this feeling of being incomplete would only be satiated once he finds a woman that would become his mate.

Mental chemistry.

Who says it’s all about being a looker or being good in bed? Most men are actually turned on by women who exude intelligence and confidence. Men, unconsciously, look for a mate that has the same mental vibes as he does. Once their minds jive, this man will feel more secure and he’ll feel that he’s already in love with this woman!

The want to belong.

It is normal for a man to want to have what his best friend has. And so if his group of friends has already acquired their own girlfriends, then he will be pressured to go out and do the same. As the pressure gets ever stronger, this man will then do all he can to make a certain woman fall in love with him.

The want to pursue.

Every man desires to be the best. This is the reason why they’re the ones who pursue the female species. Men feel that the chase is an adventure that feeds their free spirit. And as soon as they have already conquered a woman, then they have this feeling that they’re in love and have won a prize!

The need to win.

Every man wants to outdo all the people around him – especially the like species. And so he’d go out there and win the woman that a whole bunch of guys crave and he’ll feel victorious the moment he is the one that the woman fell in love with

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