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How to Dress For a Changing Body Shape?

Understanding your basic body shape will allow you to make choices when it comes to choosing your clothes that will flatter you and even make you look trimmer and younger. It is essential for you to be realistic about your good points and to learn how to dress to accommodate the less good ones. Often, what you wear underneath will make or break an outfit, and here you will learn to treat your underwear with as much consideration as you do the rest of your wardrobe.

A well planned wardrobe will guarantee that you always have the right outfit to wear for whatever occasion. Upon reaching your 40s, 50s, and 60s and beyond, your shopping trips are probably less spontaneous and generally better organized. When choosing your clothes, remember to pick clothes which are appropriate for your age and lifestyle.

For a person who do not enjoy buying clothes, they will find shopping experience a task that they rather put off but if you have identify what suits you, you will find shopping so much easier and fun.

You do not need a large budget to become a well dressed woman. A core wardrobe of good basic pieces in your best neutrals means that just by adding a few well chosen accessories or tops you will have a wardrobe that works for you and not against you.

There are six basic body shapes. Do not be surprise if you find you have one body shape for your top half and another for your lower half. This is certainly not unusual.

Hourglass Body Shape

This is the perfect body shape and most people envy you. Basically, you have choice of most styles and shapes as long as your proportions are balanced. Even if you have crept up a size or two over the years, you still have a great body and should be proud enough to show it off whatever your age, as long as you wear an appropriate style. Avoid bulky fabrics and designs that hide your shape and do not show off your waist.

What to wear;

o Pants – bootleg, low rise flares 
o Skirts – culottes, pencil, hipster pleats 
o Tops – fitted sweater, strapless, empire cute 
o Dress – coat, wrap, belted, bias 
o Jackets – single breasted, denim, shawl collar

Round Body Shape

You can wear loose, comfortable clothing. Long flowing clothes will give you an elegant appearance. Your fabrics need to be soft and fluid. Have the confidence to dress up these simple lines with fantastic accessories. Although the fabric may be soft, the clothing line needs to be straight. Bring attention to either the top third of your body or the lower third and avoid tucking your top in or belted.

What to wear;

Pants – no waistband, drawstring, elasticated waist, straight 
Skirts – no waistband, straight, bias 
Tops – kaftan, wide T, loose shirt, gypsy 
Dresses – A line, shift, tunic 
Jackets – deconstructed, long edge to edge, waterfall, swing, single button collarless

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