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MightyCall Review

What is MightyCall?

MightyCall is an advanced VoIP system built to aggregate all customer queries from phone calls, emails, and social media, into one queue to streamline the tracking of issues. Its target audience are predominantly small and mid-tier market participants who rely on delivering quality phone services, and collating client data in a less time-consuming manner.

What users get with MightyCall is in fact a centralized virtual receptionist system that processes all calls clients receive via toll-free, local, or vanity phone numbers. With all calls seamlessly routed to the proper departments and people, users have no room to worry about handling a large volume of calls from customers and existing clients. As your business grows and develops, MightyCall follows.

What makes MightyCall even more practical is the array of premium features like the ClickConnect, direct calls-to-action embedded on business websites, blogs, online stores, and several similar shortcuts used to convert random visitors into paying customers. To support traditional expectations and existent database connections, MightyCall will also connect to any telephone device you have in place, including landline and conference numbers, and even the mobile devices of your team members.

MightyCall uses the cloud-hosting and simplicity tricks to make users fond of its intuitive interface, and supports such affection even further with reliable and knowledgeable support. Customers will also appreciate the native mobile apps, and the opportunity to blend it easily within their software architecture, as MightyCall now integrates with a vast number of third-party applications.

Overview of MightyCall Benefits

How exactly does MightyCall enhance business productivity? To start with, it gives businesses an added oomph to their professional image with a very useful and reliable virtual phone system. The double take, nevertheless, is that the same phone system will nurture customer relationship, collect feedback, and tackle all types of queries and requirements.

A secure local, vanity, toll-free or international phone number

The MightyCall service was designed to give customers dedicated local, vanity, toll-free or even international numbers they can use to reach (be reached by) customers from different locations. Users can choose between a new vanity number that makes their brand look more credible and professional, or a dedicated port for their existent numbers and devices, so that they won’t lose traction with their existent customers. MightyCall can be connected to any conference or landline number, office device, or agent’s mobile phone. The choice is up to you!

Virtual service environments, where you don’t have to install, maintain, or update anything

What users find particularly useful about MightyCall is that it is completely cloud-hosted, and they won’t be required to undergo complex trainings and expensive installations. In a revolutionary manner, MightyCall transfers all service delivery operations in cloud, and helps the new team save money, time, and of course – some valuable office estate.

The 24/7 auto-attendant and invisible receptionist

MightyCall is well-known by its Virtual Receptionist feature, which not only streamlines communication with customers, but makes sure they’re taken really good care of. From their perspective, you’re a credible and professional deliverer who pays attention to each customer, while from yours, you’re running a successful service department where no query falls through the cracks. Put into perspective, this means that the client will get a welcoming message and get listed into an activity queue until his query is redirected to the right agent. Voice mail and voice-to-text transcriptions are also available upon request, and the number can be replaced with professional digits if the agent requires so.

What is even more important from a business point of view is that MightyCall makes the most of each client communication. Thanks to its intelligent structure and features such as Social Media and Email trackers, you will soon use it to gather customer data and turn it into operable intelligence, and follow the progress of each agent to tackle suspicious issues.

An instant calling widget embedded on your business website

Another important benefit from using MightyCall is that this VoIP will make your contact data easily and instantly accessible to future customers. When a random visitor checks out your service and fells intrigued to find out more, he can do so by pressing a single Call button. Since most users nowadays shop and order from mobile devices, this will be a valuable factor for them to consider you as their provider.

Dedicated mobile apps

All MightyCall subscribers receive dedicated iOS and Android apps their agents can install on any smart phone/device. The purpose is to make service available even when out of the office, and do so without covering additional fees and installation expenses. The mobile apps are just as functional as the desktop ones, meaning that they record call logs from your clients, and provide you with their email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts.

Reliable and knowledgeable support

Despite of being incredibly easy to use, MightyCall still ensured all customers will get professional help in need, and its team is thus available via live chat, phone, email, or ready to answer personalized and complex tickets. Access to support is also not limited to the plan users have chosen.

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