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Lovelywholesale Reviews: Pros & Cons You Need to Know

Do you love shopping online stylish, affordable clothing but don’t know where to start? Lovelywholesale might just be what you are looking for. You get 1000’s of stylish clothing at remarkably low wholesale prices. You’ll discover a great selection of dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, plus sizes, and accessories. 

An Overview of Lovelywholesale

Lovelywholesale is an online wholesaler specializing in affordable fashion. It is a China-based web store that has been offering trendy, fashionable clothing since 2005. They quickly gained reputation for their low-priced quality fashion products shipped worldwide; earning them an international customer base. 

The site actually ranks among the most-visited web stores in the world. They boast of a whooping 3.5 million likes on their Facebook page and store. Over a third of its visitors are drawn from the US, UK, and France.

Fashionistas from around the world are taken in by Lovelywholesale’s offering of a wide range of affordable clothing and 1000’s of trendy accessories. They regularly update their stock so you don’t miss out on your favorite fashion. They obtain high quality fashion products from reputable manufacturers to ensure that you always get the best the market has to offer.

Although Lovelywholesale focuses on selling affordable street, classy, and casual clothing for women, they also offer a decent category of jewelry, bags, shoes, kid’s clothing, and accessories. You get incredible discounts on casual women, cosplay and Halloween costumes.

Perhaps another thing that has earned Lovelywholesale its reputation among fashionistas from across the globe is their undying dedication to quality customer service. They strive to be as professional as can be and are always looking for new ways to improve their services. 

Main Product Categories of Lovelywholesale


Discover some amazing party dresses, mini dresses, knee length dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, casual dresses, long-sleeved dresses in different sizes, colors and styles.


Here you get men’s and women’s jumpsuits in various sizes. This category features rompes, long-sleeved jumpsuits, plus sizes, and kid’s jumpsuits.

Two pieces

Here you get two piece dresses, pants set, shorts set, track suits, long sleeves, and plus sizes at remarkably low wholesale prices.

Outer wear and coats

Discover a world of stylish coats and jackets, sweats & hoodies and sweaters & cardigans of all sizes to suit your particular outdoor fashion style.


Here you find a great selection of tees, long sleeve tops, blouses & shirts, sweats & hoodies and sweaters.


Here you get to discover a world of stylish jeans, pants, skirts, wide leg, and sweat pants. There is a great collection of bottoms for men women and kids.

Swim wear

You will find remarkably low price bikinis, cover ups and one-pieces.


For your accessorizing needs Lovelywholesale offers high quality jewelry, bags, sun glasses, trendy wigs, cosmetics and sexy lingerie.

Service Features & Shopping Experience

In this review and guide, I will take you through some of the best and not-so-good aspects of Lovelywholesale. So if you have been eyeing those attractive cheap clothing you’ve seen on their web store -but don’t know whether to go for them or not- this is your chance to get to know what kind of service you will be getting.

High-quality affordable fashion

I know just how curious you can get when you land on such remarkable deals on new clothes. Well, Lovelywholesale has made it all about high-quality fashion for a price you won’t say no to. They have partnered with world leaders in the clothing industry to ensure that each product you get from them is the right quality.

Lovelywholesale has earned quite the reputation among budget-minded fashionistas. It is one of a handful of wholesale clothing vendors that manage to balance between being fashionable and affordable. They offer stylish, high quality affordable clothing and related accessories.

At such low prices you can’t expect to get designer quality. But, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the rather great quality of the tops, bottoms, dresses and jeans from Lovelywholesale. Yay! The faux-gold jewelry you get from them gives a rather believable sheen.

Commendable customer support

You’ll love how Lovelywholesale affords you utmost attention as a customer. Your satisfaction is at the heart of their service delivery. You get professional customer support and access to both pre-sale and post-sale services.

Lovelywholesale welcome customer feedback, complaints, complements and queries. For inquiries regarding payments, orders, products, returns and shipping, you can reach out to Lovelywholesale via email at anytime. Their staffs work round the clock to ensure that you have the best shopping experience.

Multiple supported payment methods

You get three modes of payment shopping at Lovelywholesale: PayPal, credit/debit card, and money orders.

PayPal seems to be the default mode of payments for safety reasons. PayPal’s internal buyer protection program makes it a favorite gateway for ecommerce transactions. Moreover, Lovelywholesale can automatically process your credit card through PayPal so you don’t have to key in your card details every time you shop online.

Non PayPal shoppers may use the money order option or pay via credit/ debit card. The later is pretty straight forward, simply key in your card details and pay. Alternatively, you may use the money order payment option. You need to complete the money order separately. Your order will start processing once you email you payment receipt to Lovelywholesale.

A common problem most customers face is in trying to pay via card but the system takes you straight to the PayPal option. You will have to go to your browser option and clear the cache. Otherwise, just continue in PayPal and select the credit/debit card option. You are prompted to enter your card details.

Point system rewards

Discover an intuitive point system that rewards you for being a loyal shopper. The Lovelywholesale point system is easy to use. Unlike other point systems that reward you for sharing and posting review items, you get Lovely points each time you buy your favorite fashion products on

Generally, you are awarded 1 lovely point per dollar – shipping cost not included. You may redeem the amassed points anytime. Points are redeemed at $1 for 20 lovely points.

Returns and Refunds

Sadly there is no mention of a return policy on Lovelywholesale’s web store. However, if you receive damaged products and wish to have them returned for a refund, you need to report directly to customer service. It seems all return requests are handled on a case by case basis. There are no outright criteria they use to process return requests. This means that there is no guarantee your return request for damaged products will be accepted.

Should they accept your request for damaged or incorrect items, you have to send the items to Lovelywholesale 7 days upon delivery. The good thing is that you will be entitled to a full refund or exchange request. What’s more, lovely wholesale will cover the return shipping costs.

Shipping and handling costs

You get three options for shipping; flat rate shipping, standard shipping, and Expedited shipping. Of the three generic shipping options flat rate is the cheapest yet slowest method. Choose the expedited shipping option if you don’t care to pay more to get your order ASAP.

Delivery optionDelivery TimeRelative cost
Flat rate15-25 business daysCheap
Standard6-10 business days
Expedited2-3 business daysCostly

Shipping cost is displayed separate from the product cost. What you pay for shipping is determined by your order weight and selected delivery option. While flat rate shipping is comparatively cheaper, the weight-dependent shipping pricing may prove the standard or expedited delivery option to be a much better deal.

As you keep an eye on shipping costs, you’ll also want to pay attention to the handling charge available with standard and expedited shipping options. This is an optional $1 shipping insurance charge that goes a long way to ensure the safety of your order- especially in the event it gets lost in mail.

Free shipping is available on selected items. You can find these items in the “free shipping” section. These are mostly small items like accessories and jewelry that will be delivered to you for free.


· Huge selection of quality fashion

· Comparatively lower prices

· Intuitive point reward system

· Multiple payment options


· Account required to place order

· Dysfunctional mobile app

· Comparatively high shipping costs

Reviews & Ratings

There are thousands of helpful Lovelywholesale buyer reviews online. The most popular sites to find Lovelywholesale reviews are site jabbers, trust pilot, product review and reseller ratings. Here you can identify with other Lovelywholesale’s’ customer experiences and make an informed decision to buy or not to buy.

Regrettably, you will find Lovelywholesale reviews have not been kind to the web store. The bulk of the customers commenting in the reviews are frustrated by the “poor” quality of service, especially when it comes to order delivery. Most customers claim they have not received their orders for 6 months onwards. This is actually a sad thing since you expect to either receive your order in time or your full refund.

In line with the above comments, there have been increasing concerns as to whether Lovelywholesale is real or a scam. Well, the fact that some customers do not get their orders at all is indeed alarming. However, there are those that have received their orders, on time and intact. 

You’ll find -few as they are – some customers commending the service accorded to them and the wonderful shopping experience they had. This goes to show that Lovelywholesale is indeed real. However, a lot needs to be done to quickly fix their delivery issues.

The table below shows how Lovelywholesale ranked on different customer review platforms. They show reviews of less than a thousand customers, with the bulk rating the web store poorly.

Review siteRank#Reviews
Reseller Ratings2.4 /10193 reviews
Trust pilot2.1 /10117 reviews
Panda check3.2/ 554 reviews
Site jabber2.2 /5429 reviews

Will I be charged custom fee and/ extra taxes when ordering to the US?

Not necessarily. Not all products are taxed or charged a customs fee when entering the country. Most orders are subject to the normal processing fee during random stops at customs. This is usually between $2 and $9.

Extra fees and taxes on shipments entering the US are possible for orders above $500. The amount chargeable really depends on the product and method of delivery.

Do I get any discounts on orders or coupons that I can use?

No. There are no Lovelywholesale coupons. The discounts you get are in form of reduced product prices. Even so, you get Lovelywholesale reward points each time you buy from the web store. 

You get 1 point for each dollar you spend. Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem your lovely points at $1per 20 points.

I ordered 5 plus size jeans ranging between 2xl and 3xl but received then in children sized jeans. What do I do?

Such mix-ups are bound to happen. And it doesn’t mean that it was intentional. Fortunately, Lovelywholesale accept return requests for damaged or incorrect orders. 

You will have to contact the Lovelywholesale sales department via email and send back the order within 7 days of delivery. The good thing is that you might get a full refund plus the return shipping cost.

Final Verdict

You’ll find that the great product selection and low wholesale prices are what draw you to Lovelywholesale. Their customer service certainly needs a little brushing up. 

The high shipping and handling costs that come with the orders are a big drawback. However, if you are only shopping around for small items, Lovelywholesale will make your shopping experience worth the while. Also, if you are ordering in bulk, you can quickly amass lovely points to be redeemed for cash value. 

You won’t find any famous fashion labels and renowned brand names here. Even so, the quality of the fashion products displayed is acceptable for all you fashion-forward peeps. Overall, Lovelywholesale is worth a visit if you are frequently in need of stylish, affordable clothing.

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