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Jewelry – A Woman’s Companion

Remembering the key tenets of glamor, fashion and style, jewelry whether silver, golden or others always play a vital role, in giving women a freedom to express their style, grace, elegance and fashion. It is grandeur of every woman which lighted one’s soul’s style, fashion and look. A single piece of jewelry can infuse within a woman her unique personality and individuality and savoir faire.
From the renaissance to the 21st century several changes come in the threshold of the style in jewelry. The unique style of personalized engraved jewelry exemplifies a modern expression of intuit life. It is time to go beyond simple stringing and bead crafting into a realm of more sophisticated metal necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more in styles from contemporary and funky to classic and elegant.

Fabrication, soldering, casting, and metal texturing are the basic techniques which should be employed while making jewelry, whereas stamping, etching are the finishing techniques and last but not the least is the design transfers. It is the main aspect that conveys the elegance of your jewelry – “the design”. Soldering and fusing, play an important role in jewelry making. Other techniques involved in the process are piercing, sawing, joining, and riveting. It is very essential to sketch first the design of your jewelry. A hand rendered drawing will be needed first. Then it should be transformed into a dimensional drawing and ultimately into a three dimensional model. The sumptuous metals have been poured into the wax mold to produce the final piece. Each design should have a unique finish to ensure superior quality, strength and appearance. The final step is polishing which is very important to give the piece of jewelry a perfect look which will be adorned by you and will enhance your natural beauty after wearing. The elegant and sophisticated lines embrace the femininity of a woman’s body.

The poetry is a medium to express one’s feelings and expressions. Poetry engraved jewelry will definitely have a dazzling look with a creative expression and also a passionate touch. The jewelry you wear, that holds such deep emotional attachments, is loved for what it represents as much as it is for its face beauty. The jewelry in such a fashion will sparkle loving commitment for the person to whom you are gifting such a poetry engraved jewelry for the rest of your lives. The unique bond between you and the love of your life will be expressed elegantly with such an exquisitely designed handcrafted ring. The symbol of your union with your beloved, the passion of your love that flows through your relationship will be reflected by such an auspicious designed piece. Such a classy poetry engraved ring has its own unsurpassed beauty that whispers its own proposal.

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