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A Pair of Good Shoes Can Take You Far

As the saying goes, a pair of good shoes can take you far. With a pair of comfortable good shoes, one can walk with ease without limping from pain or sore feet. Many people often overlook the importance of a good pair of shoes that fit as they are more concerned over the brand or the outlook of a pair of shoes. Ask any lady and it is most likely that she will grin sheepishly when questioned about her pair of killer heels. Here are some highlighted points how a pair of good shoes is important to you.

If you are wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit you essentially bigger for you in this instance, the chances of you falling or tripping over are higher. That is because you are not even walking in proper balance by wearing shoes that are bigger for you. Wearing shoes that are bigger for you can cause off-balance and is especially dangerous if you happen to be walking fast in those shoes as you might fall over and injure yourself. This will of course cause further problems in the future.

Wearing shoes that are smaller for your feet can cause blisters. If you are wearing shoes that are smaller for your feet, you will end up limping and walking slower as you are practically walking in pain. As dreadful as this sounds, I do have a friend who enjoys wearing shoes that don’t fit her, for unknown reasons. The surface of your shoes will end up rubbing against your skin, causing red and painful blisters and if not taken good care of, you might get bacterial infection because of the open wound. Do not underestimate the size of the wound, it may look harmless but in actual fact, any open wound has a certain degree of danger and should not be taken lightly. If you happen to have blisters on your feet, use antiseptic to clean your wound and put a plaster on to avoid bacterial infection.

A pair of good shoes is essential but a pair of good shoes that fit is exceptionally essential as wearing shoes that are smaller for your feet can cause problems like inward toes which may require surgery in the future to correct it. Wearing shoes that are bigger for your feet may cause you to fall more times than you can imagine. Next time before you purchase a pair of shoes, choose the ones that are comfortable and fits your feet like a glove, you may be surprised how much it will change your walking habits.

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