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Dresslily Review

Dresslily is an online apparel store selling men’s and women’s fashion items including dresses, shirts, shoes, bags, watches, jewelry, accessories and more. Dresslily was launched in 2011 in Beijing, China with local offices in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Prices at Dresslily are capped at around $500. Women’s clothes average anywhere between $20 and $40 with the most expensive items peaking at $400 while the cheapest go for at least $5. Men’s clothes including shirts, jackets, jeans and pants go for anywhere between $5 and $70 with the most popular items listed at $10 to $15.

Women’s accessories including bags, scarves, hats and hair products average $10 a piece, the most popular and trending items going for as little as $5 and as much as $80, similar to men’s accessories. You can get men’s jewelry and luxury items for as little as $3, with women’s jewelry being the most popular under the jewelry category, averaging $10 a piece.

Basically shipping is a sum of processing time and shipping time. Depending on how many items you ordered and where you are ordering from, processing usually takes a day or two. If you are ordering from the USA, Canada or Australia, it might take up to two weeks for the item to arrive. If you are ordering from any other country, it might take up to 30 days.

In a nutshell, while going through Dresslily reviews from actual shoppers, the customer service is actually great. The items are of good quality and they are reasonably cheap.

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