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DL1961 Premium Denim

I am an admitted jeans junkie! I live in jeans, and I love jeans. The better the fit, the more spectacular the fabric and the sexier the style, the more likely I am to fall in love with them. I can clearly see why some of my favorite female celebrities have been smitten with the wide range of styles of jeans offered by DL1961. Kristen Stewart, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Whitney Port, Selena Gomez and Rose Mcgowan are just a few who have been seen out and about in their DL1961 looking so cool and very chic! Some of the most popular fashion publications have also included DL1961 in their editorials like People Magazine, Lucky Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Seventeen Magazine and US Magazine just to name a few. So it is with much delight and joy that I include DL1961 Premium Denim Jeans in my Spring Radiance 2010 Guide! Let me introduce this terrific company to you:

Finally, The Perfect Fitting Jeans For Everyone!

Can a pair of jeans project confidence, be trendy and sexy, yet flatter every body? The answer is found with DL1961 – a premium denim company based in New York that is redefining what it means to have the perfect pair of jeans.

Made using patented cross-weave XFIT technology that adapts to your unique body shape to give custom fit and comfort. DL1961 4-Way Stretch Jeans will not Sag, Bag, or Lose Shape.

The brand is popular with celebrities such as Halle Berry, Blake Lively, January Jones and Rose McGowan.

DL1961 jeans are available at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, National Jean Company, E-Street Denim, and many other fine specialty stores.

{From the DL1961 Press Release}


Redefine what you think you know about fit, comfort, and style with DL1961, a new collection of premium denim launching Holiday ’08 that combines revolutionary fit with timeless sex appeal. DL1961 offers the largest selection of jeans for women and men in the marketplace today that exclusively features XFIT LYCRA® fabric. It is also the first brand that will offer a men’s denim collection made with XFIT LYCRA as well the first brand in the world to use organic cotton with XFIT LYCRA in select styles.

“We believe our customers will love the fit achieved by our exclusive manufacturing expertise with XFIT LYCRA,” said Will Redgate, National Sales Director. “We have developed soft, lightweight washes with XFIT LYCRA denim that are superior to the qualities that have previously been sold in the market. Our style-conscious collection of DL1961 jeans is expertly designed to enhance body confidence and comfort at the same time. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. You can have them both. As soon as someone experiences DL1961, we are certain they will feel more sexy and confident.”

The XFIT LYCRA fabric technology has transformed the way jeans now move and fit on the body. “Because of the performance of XFIT we are not limited in the range of washes as others are with the traditional Lycra product,” Redgate said.

The fabric is crafted from a cross-weave technology that provides four-way directional stretch, creating 90 percent less pressure at stress points including the knees, inseam, and back rise. The result is denim that moves 360 degrees – in much the same way that performance fabric does – eliminating sag, bag, and loss of shape while maintaining the integrity and structure of the style, even after repeated wears.

DL1961 highlights the body by using the inherent slimming and contouring effects of the four-way stretch fabric. Each style is a modern update from a classic silhouette that wraps the body and provides the best body shape – no matter what that shape may be.

“We want people to experiment with styles they may not have been able to pull off in the past because the four-way stretch works well on a lot of body types,” Redgate said. “Tighter cuts do not feel binding the way they normally do, especially with something like a super skinny.”

Styles for women include slim leg, skinny, boot cut, and wide leg flare; and are available in full range of washes from super dark to bleach. Cuts for men include straight leg, relaxed fit, and boot cut; and are also available in a wide range of washes. Design details include brushed copper hardware, an aged leather waistband patch with the DL1961 logo, and a small but identifiable embroidered “DL” on the back right pocket.


The people over at DL1961 are just as amazing as the jeans that they offer!! Really, just a real pleasure to interact with on so many levels and so passionate about their line of premium jeans. They knew I was quite taken with the line and offered to send me two styles to review. They could not have selected two more appropriate designs, because they are both so hot and to my delight unlike any jeans that I currently have. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I share my thoughts about them with you:

The first style I received is:

The MILANO 1316 Twilight BOOT CUT
Price: $158.00


– XFIT – 4-Way Stretch – 360 Degree Comfort
– Boot
– Front Rise 7 1/2″
– Zip Fly
– Small Logo Embroidery On Back Pocket
– Inseam 34
– Leg Opening 19″
– XFIT LYCRA, 73% Cotton, 27% Polyest

MY THOUGHTS: I love boot cut jeans, and these are the most sumptuous feeling denim jeans I have ever worn! I can see why the material is labeled “premium” denim. You can literally feel the level of excellence in the fabric. You can feel the pliability and flexibility that the XFIT Lycra adds to the denim, and by touch I now understand why this is boasted to be a revolutionary 4-way stretch fabric that moves 360 degrees to give you a most amazing and ultra comfortable fit!
When you wear the jeans, they do let you take on an attitude all of our own, they are an innovative denim technology and you do feel magically transformed when you put them on. A little bit sexy and definitely a lot more confident. You will want to walk with that extra bounce in your step because these jeans make you feel so wonderful.
I purposefully wanted to wear the jeans this past weekend because we had some plans with friends and I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to not only show some of my girlfriends the jeans and introduce them to DL1961, but I also wanted to look my best in front of my friends. These jeans indeed give you figure flattering help in all the right places. The fabric is miraculous, it seems to lift me in the butt just enough that I felt an extra firmness that I knew was created from wearing the jeans, now how cool is that?
The jeans have just the right rise so they don’t sit too low on my hips, yet they are low enough that they are a hip and updated design. I love that there is striking stitching along the sides of the jeans and around the pockets and a small discrete logo on the back pocket. It gives this style of jeans that classy, sophisticated appearance, yet still very fashion forward and chic. You can give these jeans a trendier look by wearing a funky wild top and a pair of edgy looking booties or sandals, or you get give the jeans a more subdued classical look by wearing some classic black pumps and a fringe boucle blazer. They will work for you in whatever type of impression you want to create for yourself, I love that kind of versatility in a pair of jeans!

The wash of the jeans is quite dark. I washed them twice before wearing them and they didn’t fade very much. That is a good thing, I like a rich dark blue jean, they are going to last me so long before they fade, so I can keep them as my “nice” dressier jeans for a while, Yay!! BTW – they washed beautifully! After 2 washings and drying them on the clotheslines they still looked brand new, just softer. Truly, a luxurious pair of jeans, dreamy!
The second pair of jeans I received are:

The Angel 1214 Mariner Skinny Straight Leg Ankle Jeans
Price: $148.00


– XFIT – 4-Way Stretch – 360 Degree Comfort
– Skinny
– Zip Fly
– Front Rise 8 1/2″
– XFIT LYCRA, 73% Cotton, 27% Polyester
– Leg Opening 12″
– Inseam 21 1/2

MY THOUGHTS: In terms of fabric, and quality of this pair of jeans, they matched exactly with what I had to say about the first pair I reviewed. This pair is rendered with the same glorious denim and they washed perfectly just like the first pair.
But do not be mistaken, that is where the similarities end! This style is totally different from the boot leg style jeans, and for me, is a much sassier, flirtier, spunkier style! These are going to be so much fun to wear on those spring and summer days when you want to show off your flirty diva side, the style is carefree, casual and so super cute! I have not worn these yet, but I did try them on with a number of different shoes. I love that with some of my flat, jeweled sandals. The length is just perfect for showing off your ankles and your entire shoes so why not wear some sexy summer sandals and a pretty halter top! I also tried these jeans on with a pair of 3 inch gladiator style sandals that I have. Another perfect pairing. You can dress up or dress down these jeans in so many different ways, they are just an enchanting style to add into your Spring and Summer wardrobe.
I tried to capture the essence of both pairs of these darling jeans and the fabulous XFIT Lycra Fabric they are made of. No more sagging jeans, no more jeans that used to fit and are now stretched out of shape. No way, these jeans will fit you like a glove each and every time.To see the wide variety of ultra cool styles of jeans and all the additional products offered by DL1961, you can visit the DL1961 website.

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