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EZ cosplay is another major supplier in the cosplay industry. They offer a great range of costumes, wigs and other accessories all related to cosplay costumes.

If you are a cosplayer who prefers a one stop shop, rather than sourcing all your different elements from several small shops, then EZ Cosplay will be able to help you.

They are based in China, however being an online store they do deliver all around the world.

EZ Cosplay are also one of few stores that offer flexible custom sizing and commissioned costumes (however they are more well-known for being a ‘general store’). 



One of the main reasons to shop with EZ Cosplay is the range of costumes and accessories. Main cosplayers mentioned being able to purchase hard-to-find costumes and accessories from EZ Cosplay.

Another positive is that reviewers noted the range in sizes is more generous when compared to other cosplay stores.  So if you have any custom size requests for any part of your costume, like longer dresses or more room in corsets, then EZ Cosplay may be the store for you.

Another feature we like with EZ Cosplay is their section of ‘Ready to Ship’ costumes.  This is great for those cosplayers who don’t want to worry about shipping delays and want their costume ASAP.  


It is inevitable in this industry that a business will come across some sizing issues.  After all cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes.  So we believe it is important that all cosplayers understand that when ordering from general stores you have to expect to make some customizations.  However if a business is receiving continuous feedback from it’s customers saying their clothes don’t fit, then it is obvious the current system isn’t working.

For EZ Cosplay, this seems to be one of their main issues. Things seem to be a bit off in terms of sizing guidelines on the site. It is possible that they base their measurements for locals (from China) rather than for other western countries. So take this into consideration if you are providing different measurements.  In general you may need to ask for a size bigger.

Another quality issue raised by cosplayers is the packaging of the costumes that they are shipped in. Many have commented for the amount of money you are paying for delivery the packaging looks cheap.  It is important to note that of the reviews that complained about packaging, none reported the costume/accessories to be damaged. 

Finally, one last issue we’d like to highlight to our cos-mmunity is that a few reviewers have mentioned that the images on the website are not reflective of what you receive. This is important to understand because many individuals make their purchases purely based on what they see.  If you cannot be sure what you are actually buying, we suggest finding a review specifically related to the costume/piece you are after.


If you are ordering from EZ Cosplay, expect to pay a bit for delivery/shipping costs. Due to the variety of products that you can purchase from EZ Cosplay there is no standard pricing for delivery and will vary depending on how large your item(s) are.

If you are ordering a customized costume you will need to factor in the time it takes to tailor the costume. EZ Cosplay estimates this to be 7 – 10 working days however we recommend always trying to confirm this with them – especially at the busy times.

The time it takes to ship also varies according to the country that you live in and the shipping option you select (express or standard).

When ordering your costume/accessory you can input a ‘wear date’. However be wary of the timelines mentioned on the website. Because reviews have mentioned even if you advise of a ‘wear date’ they may not take it into consideration.

EZ Cosplay delivery

 You will generally receive an email advising of the expected date along with a tracking number. Our advice is order well in advance of any con date to ensure you receive your costume and accessories in time. It will also give you time to make any adjustments (if required). ​


We include customer service in our Press Cosplay Star Rating System because we believe it is an indicator of the reputation of a business. Irrespective of who is at fault, a business should always aim for a favorable outcome for the customer.

It is clear from the feedback that EZ Cosplay can make vast improvements in this area of their business. A common theme expressed by customers was the lack of a sincerity and empathy provided by the customer service team.

With all their current issues, EZ Cosplay does produce some wonderful pieces/costumes. We would love to see them pick up their customer service to make the customer purchasing process a more pleasant experience.

As part of our dedication to our cos-mmunity we do follow each of our recommended suppliers closely to see how they are doing. So come back to visit our space to see the most up-to-date reviews on all the major cosplay suppliers.


EZ Cosplay is a great place to go for those hard to find pieces. They have a wide variety of costumes and accessories at affordable prices for all cosplayers.

They have also been noted to be the most flexible in terms of costume sizes offering a wide range of sizes on their website. They also offer custom sizing for those cosplayers that want some unique adjustments made to their costumes.

However they have been known to take a bit of time for delivery and the estimated timelines generated on their site are not reliable.

Therefore we recommend if you find a product/costume that you want from EZ Cosplay you order well in advance. This allows for any adjustments that need to be made.

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